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The intersection of architecture and neuroscience is as old as construction itself.

                                                        “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

                                                                            -Winston Churchill

FKB's unique design process incorporates a deep commitment to neuroarchitecture academic study, training and certification in Neuroscience of Architecture. I look beyond issues of aesthetics and comfort taking into account neurological, psychological and physiological responses, as well as the results of sociological, behavioral, and economic research on the critical evaluation of projects.


The result is a Neuro-Architectural practice that delivers improved productivity, healthier design, and more effective environments for activities. Clients and the Public are deeply interested in buildings and spaces that measurably promote well-being, improved productivity, and create healthier or more effective environments for activities.


Fariba Beighlie

Fariba Khalvati Beighlie,


President/Principal Architect

Highly accomplished and visionary architect and neuro-architect,  Fariba Khalvati Beighlie is an expert in Neuroscience for Architecture, Sustainability, and Accessibility. Her Neuro-Architectural firm, FKB, offers a proprietary business model, revolved around creating dynamic buildings and spaces using neurological research. Fariba so far is the only architect in the United States with an Academic Certificate in Neuroscience for Architecture, earned at The NewSchool of Architecture and Design in conjunction with Neuroscientists from Salk Institute. 

She focuses on the human brain’s capacity and potential, and continues groundbreaking work where she is most comfortable: on the leading edge.


As an industry thought leader, her overarching passion is to design environments that improve people’s lives. Her ultimate goal is to create spaces that are functional and efficient, as well as visually compelling and inspiring. Based in the principle that properly designed architecture can create new brain cells, her work focuses on the relationship — and synergy — between architecture and cognitive behavior. A keen sense of compassion and intuition inform her design. 


Beginning with in-depth exploration in the data gathering and programming phase, she works closely with clients to understand how they will use the space. Once the design phase is complete, she remains on-site and hands-on through the entire buildout process to ensure continuity, on time and on budget results. 


Above all, she considers her client relationships sacred, honoring the individuals for whom she designs. 


Fariba’s credentials showcase a lifetime of educational achievement. She completed her post-graduate degree from the NewSchool of Architecture & Design. She earned her Masters in Architecture from the University of Oklahoma. She also earned a Bachelors Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Fine Arts, and Advertising and Graphic Design.  


Among her many contributions, Ms. Khalvati Beighlie taught as a visiting professor at the University of Oklahoma. In her position as Vice President, Sustainability designs and Initiatives with PBWS Architects, she directed the development of sustainable and regenerative architectural solutions, mentoring associates while managing multiple commercial and historical projects. She has earned numerous accolades, including her most recent commercial architecture solution for Home Franchise Concepts’ headquarter, nominated in multiple categories for the prestigious SPIRE award.


“Fariba's extensive knowledge is creative, efficient facility design, meshing the interior and exterior architecture into a complete facility as well as providing over twenty years of experience in technical design standards in constructability, code compliance, efficiency in operation and a balance between desirable aesthetics and tight budgets.” 

Thomas W. Beighlie | Partner | All Pets Medical & Surgical Center

Phillips Ranch, CA

“Fariba imparts an inordinate amount of field coordination with the contractor ensuring a high-quality construction product.  At the same time, she entertains cost-effective solutions to these field challenges.  As a project manager, it is a pleasure working with an Architect that facilitates the design intent while alleviating potential cost overruns at the same time.”


Charles Suh | Director, Project Management  | Savills Inc 

Newport Beach, California

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